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(MEP) Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing

Abhishek Fire Protection Pvt Ltd. is an fire protection and engineering firm centred in Mumbai, India and is a leading MEP service provider in the field of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing design. Abhishek Fire Protection Pvt Ltd. specialises in these services for new as well as Redevelopment projects in a wide range of institutional buildings, commercial, hospitality, retail, residential, and data centers by offering design solutions that are not only sustainable but also energy saving.

We offer cost effective, high quality, and time bound electrical, mechanical, and plumbing design (MEP) engineering services using the help of latest developments in their respective fields. Our in-house engineering team comprises highly qualified Electrical engineers, HVAC design engineers, Plumbing and Fire Fighting designers, and MEP co-ordinating engineers, supported by experienced and well qualified draftsmen.

Mep Consultation

Our Company provides Integrated MEP Services by doing comprehensive detail designing, detailed engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation, testing, liaising, approvals, project management, commissioning, and maintenance of large central air conditioning plants.

Our MEP Services Includes:
  • Design and execution of electrical contracting projects
  • Design and execution of large central air conditioning plants.
  • Design and execution of low voltage systems
  • Design and execution of plumbing and fire-fighting systems

Why Abhishek Fire Protection Pvt Ltd.?

MEP Installations have a direct and straight upon the final architecture of a structure as the MEP design combined with construction procedures all decides the overall end result of a building. Sound MEP design and processes implemented together with the different stakeholders of any project is vital to ensure projects function accurately and in the way the Client envisioned through the project lifetime.

For these reasons, we at Abhishek Fire firmly believe that an MEP consultant should be consulted at a very early project's design stage of any crucial project. Initial involvement within a project development guarantees that potential problems within the properties like horizontal and vertical distribution routes, technical space requirements, life-safety requirements, utility supply requirements and proper integration of MEP services with the internal and external fabric of the structure are identified at a very early stage, where the consequences to changes in design are minimal both in terms of cost and money.

Our Capabilities as an MEP Service Provider

Over the past decade, we have showcased our capability to provide MEP modelling and drafting services of the uppermost standards by operating on a number of different vital MEP projects spread across India. Our team of professional and specialised MEP modellers develop intelligent BIM models with a focus on facilitating Coordination, Fabrication, Optimization, Installation, Services and Maintenance.

Services Covered

Abhishek Fire Protection Pvt Ltd.'s MEP Engineering services covers the following:

Mechanical Engineering Services
  • Plumbing Systems – including 1st Class, 2nd Class and Hot Water systems
  • HVAC – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Surface water Collection Systems
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Sewerage and Drains Systems
  • Rainwater Collection Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Swimming Pool installations

Electrical Engineering Services
  • Low and Medium Power Systems
  • Backup Power Systems
  • Intelligent Lighting Systems
  • Cable Containment installations
  • Lighting and Lighting Control Systems (inc. Natural Lighting)
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Power Factor Correction Systems

Extra Low Voltage Engineering Services
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intruder Alarm & Security Systems
  • TV Distribution Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • PA/Speakers/Music Installation Systems
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Home Automation Systems
  • IT Network & Telephony Systems
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

Fire Safety and Security
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Fixed Fire Protection Systems
  • (Wet/Dry Risers, Sprinklers, Hydrants, Water mist systems, extinguisher systems)
  • Emergency Lighting Systems

Vertical Transportation Systems
  • Escalators and Auto walk solutions
  • Lifts & Elevator Solutions

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MEP Serviced project implementation are categorised into:


Conceptual Design Stage
  • This phase typically consists in the provision of preliminary designs and conceptual drawings in order to start reviewing client requirements, and MEP service requirements including:
  • Discuss the Clients requirements in terms of technical and operational requirements for the building as a holistic entity
  • Preliminary analysis of Architectural, Structural and Interior Design proposals
  • Establish main infrastructural and utility requirements required for the project
  • Outline a strategy to achieve a development having a low carbon footprint which will have significant marketing benefit
  • Outline a concept design & strategy for the distribution of the main engineering infrastructural services and general plant area requirements for MEP installations


Project Stages

These steps are further subdivided into different project stages:
  • Conceptual Design Stage
  • Schematic Design Stage
  • Detailed Design Stage
  • Procurement Stage
  • Project Execution Stage
  • Certification of Works & Handing Over

Schematic Design Stage
This phase typically consists in the preparation of schematic design sufficiently detailed to ensure that the feasibility of a project or of a particular solution can be evaluated. A project at schematic design stage can also be sufficiently detailed to ensure a Design & Build approach by the client.

This stage typically includes:
  • Preparation of high level designs and different options for different MEP solutions and strategies agreed with the client
  • Preliminary sizing of MEP services such as HVAC requirements, Electrical Loads etc.
  • Preliminary specifications of equipment and installations
  • Preparation of high level estimates for the project for budgeting purposes.
  • Preparation of all necessary reports for the premises as may be requested by Planning Authorities.
  • Preliminary coordination with service providers and utility companies for general main infrastructure services

Detailed Design Stage
This stage normally involves the preparation of detailed MEP designs which are necessarily detailed to be able to issue tender documents.

This stage typically includes:
  • Provision of detailed well-coordinated MEP design diagrams having necessary details as required for installation
  • Preparation of block-out requirements to organise with construction and civil works and lessen coordination issues during installation phase.
  • Preparation of detailed documentation including schedules, specifications, and bills of quantities, to reflect the proper execution of the works.


Procurement Stage
This stage of the project comprises in the procurement of the requisite MEP works, typically includes:
  • Discuss the best procurement scheme and strategy with the client
  • Issuing of tender documents for the project works and follow-up of the procurement strategy with the clients
  • Assessment of the tender offers received for the works and preparation of technical and administrative evaluation reports on the offers received.
  • Negotiation of works with subsequent selected contractors

Project Execution Report Stage
During this stage, After final selection of the Contractor/ Contractors, the corresponding project work on site will start being mobilized. In view of this, it is where Abhishek Fire Protection Ltd input at this stage normally includes:

  • Supervision and regulation of the M&E installation works being conceded and carried out by the given contractors during the project period.
  • Attending to site meetings wherever necessary to confirm that work is being carried according to the conditions and the specifications required.
  • Approval of Working Drawings and project implementation procedures.
  • Contractors' submittals' checking of including working drawings schemes and technical works on machineries and equipment for approval purposes.
  • Establishment of quantitative surveying of the MEP works installed in order to verify the particular quality and quantities of the items being installed.

Certification of Works & Handing Over
During this stage, most of the project work is completed and . In view of this, it is where Abhishek Fire Protection Pvt Ltd input at this stage normally includes: Issuing of certificates for payments to contractors for the work carried out.

  • Confirms that claims for payment forwarded and put forth by contractors are factually correct.
  • Total supervising the commissioning and testing and of the systems by corresponding contractors.
  • Issuances of final completion certificates for the various different trades related to M&E.
  • Final overseeing and handing over of the project to the client's respected maintenance team.
  • Negotiations and Coordination with the contractor's, maintenance agreements for the specified installed MEP installations in order to guarantee that MEP systems are properly maintained during the course in future years.

Abhishek Fire Protection Pvt Ltd.'s MEP Consulting Services are suitable for:
Hotels Temples Clubs & Resorts
Municipal Corporations Building Clusters in lane APMC Markets
Institutional Campuses Hospitals Large Housing Complexes

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